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Air brake failure a factor in almost 30% of truck crashes

Most modern semi-trucks on the roads across Florida and the rest of the United States now use air brakes, which are particular types of brake systems that rely on compressed air, rather than hydraulic brake fluid, to operate. However, these brake systems have the potential to fail in two specific ways. When they do fail, it often causes the truck driver to lose control over the truck.

According to Transport Topics, instances of air brake failure now contribute to 29.4% of today’s truck wrecks. Sometimes, air brake systems fail because of something faulty within them. However, in other cases, they fail because of the truck driver’s own actions.

Air brake failure caused by system malfunctions

Though less common than air brake failure that results from a trucker’s actions, air brakes sometimes fail when something stops the stream of compressed air the system relies on to function. There is potential for a truck’s brakes to lock up when they do not receive that steady stream of compressed air.

Air brake failure caused by driver errors

Truck drivers who overuse their brakes, and particularly those who overuse their brake systems while making their way down steep hills, threaten the efficacy of the air brake system. Overuse, which often occurs when a truckler “rides” the brakes, may cause early brake fade, impacting the brake system’s effectiveness.

Motorists who suffer injuries in collisions with trucks, whether due to air brake failure or other issues, may be able to obtain compensation for injuries and loss of earning potential, among other areas.