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Divorce more prevalent in some places than others

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Family Law |

Although the divorce rate remains relatively high all over the country, it would seem some areas of the country are more prone to divorce than others. For couples who are in the process or working out agreements regarding property division, assets valuation and determining child support or alimony, it’s an interesting question to ponder if the location of a marriage was a contributing factor to its eventual end. Orlando readers will be interested to know that although the state didn’t rank high on the list, one particular city in Florida did.

According to a study completed by the American Community Survey and the Daily Beast, Panama City, Florida, has the most divorces in the United States. In second place is Sierra Vista. As for states, Alaska, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Alabama and Arizona have the highest divorce rates in the country. For example, the state of Arizona’s data shows that roughly 11 to 13 people out of 1,000 end up filing for divorce.

No matter what state you live in, getting divorced can be a complicated matter, especially if there are substantial amounts of assets to consider. The more material possessions a couple has between them, the more complicated the divorce can be. This is especially true if the couple cannot agree on how to split the assets. When you factor in children, child support and alimony, the process becomes even more complicated and runs the risk of becoming acrimonious as well.

This is why it is important that anyone who is considering getting divorced seek the advice of experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. A legal professional can help a person who is ending their marriage protect their assets.

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