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Divorce rate dropping for military couples

by | Dec 20, 2013 | Family Law |

Marriage can be difficult even under the best of circumstances, but the military poses a special kind of challenge. Moving, deployments and long periods of time apart can put a strain on a marriage that might not be overcome. However, Orlando readers might be interested to know that the divorce rate among military couples is actually decreasing.

There are several reasons being posited for the decrease in divorces. One reason is that with the activity in Iraq and Afghanistan winding down, fewer couples are dealing with deployment and having to make a long-distance relationship work. Studies have shown that enlisted men and women have a higher rate of divorce than officers, so now that more of them are home, this could contribute to the decrease.

Another reason could be that the programs that have been created to help military families are actually working. Being able to get help from those who have been there and been through marriage, deployment and the other issues military families experience can help a couple cope and work out their differences.

Another reason for the decline could be that couples who married after 2001 were more prepared for military life and deployments. Those who were married before 2001 had to adjust to the abruptness of deployments and long times apart.

A couple who is contemplating a divorce should seek the advice of an experienced legal professional who can help a spouse attain everything they deserve from the marriage. Although a divorce is never easy, utilizing an experienced legal professional can make the experience go much smoother.

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