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A Custody Attorney Who Focuses On The Best Interests Of Children

Florida divorce law favors joint custody of children in dissolution of marriage cases and attempts to balance the interest of all parties involved. Family court judges have become enlightened regarding the importance of both parents maintaining a key role in their children’s lives following divorce, whenever possible. Nevertheless, child custody remains one of the more contentious aspects of a divorce. Both parents are determined to protect their relationship with their children. Often, each parent suspects the other of wanting to get the upper hand in this area.

At The Davies Law Firm, LLC, we use our solutions-oriented approach to help clients work through custody and shared parenting options during negotiations. Our family law attorney works to get parents the best possible outcomes for themselves and the children in all custody cases. We represent parents across Central Florida from our offices in Cocoa and Orlando. You can call us at 855-688-4713 to schedule your free consultation.

A Lawyer Who Can Handle Many Kinds Of Child Custody Challenges

Custody issues arising from a divorce or separation can involve many types of legal challenges. Our lawyer has built her career on resolving complex legal challenges and creating personalized solutions for every client. She will work closely with you to create an individualized plan for your custody case based on your goals and specific needs.

We commonly help clients with custody matters involving:

If you have an existing child custody order that no longer works or your spouse is not following through with a court-approved custody plan, we can help. We will make sure your rights are protected regarding modifications or enforcement matters.

Crafting Collaborative Custody Solutions

When animosity exists between divorcing parents, accusations of being an “unfit” parent often arise. The truth is, in most cases, children have the right to have both parents in their lives as they grow up. If both parents can reach an agreement without going to court, they keep more control over the critical decisions that will shape their post-divorce lives with their children.

Our attorney is a certified mediator who studied negotiations and leadership while earning her master’s degree from Harvard University. She is highly skilled and experienced at helping individuals reach an agreement on a parenting plan that is reasonable and fair.  She is also trained as a Collaborative attorney and can help you resolve your case without the need for lengthy and contentious litigation.

Prepared To Protect Your Interests In Court

Of course, we are always prepared to advocate on your behalf in family court if a child custody solution cannot be reached through negotiations or mediation. Our trial-tested attorney will protect your rights while pursuing the best possible outcome.

Our child custody lawyer can answer your questions during a free consultation. Call 855-688-4713 or email us to schedule an appointment.