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Protecting The Rights Of Fathers Across Central Florida

In 2008, the wording of Florida child custody laws was changed significantly. The terms “custody,” “visitation,” “primary residential parent” and “secondary residential parent” were replaced by “shared parental responsibility,” “time sharing” and “parenting plans.” Florida divorce laws now encourage equal responsibility for all decisions that need to be made in a child’s life. The state of Florida has one overriding factor in child custody issues: What are the best interests of the children?

At The Davies Law Firm, LLC, we protect the rights of fathers whether their divorce is settled or if they were never married to the child’s mother. Our staff has years of Florida family law experience and a lengthy history of positive results. Our offices in Cocoa and Orlando assist fathers who wish to remain in their children’s lives. You can call us at 855-688-4713 to schedule your free consultation at our firm.

Standing Up For Fathers’ Rights

Although the courts have an increased awareness of fathers’ interests in maintaining their share of parenting responsibility, a significant number of dads do not have the access to their children that they deserve and desire. In many cases, it’s a simple matter of not protecting their rights.

Whether you are seeking additional parental responsibility, seeking visitation or having child support issues, we will aggressively stand up for your rights to help provide you and your children with the best outcome possible. Our experienced staff will review the facts of your case and put you in the best position possible to receive ample time with a child or children.

Doing Everything In Our Power To Protect Your Rights

There have been cases in which mothers have fabricated allegations of abuse to obtain full custody. Our Orlando fathers’ rights lawyer will work with you to dispute false allegations, assert your rights as a parent and create shared parental arrangements that are fair and workable. Call 855-688-4713 or email us to schedule a free consultation.