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Years Of Florida Child Support Experience

The Florida Child Support Guidelines provide a formula for determining how much each parent should contribute financially after divorce. It is based on both parents’ net income, the total child care costs, including medical insurance, and the child’s amount of time with each parent. While the state statutes provide the basic framework for determining child support, there are situations in which the court may approve a deviation from the formula.

Because the court has some leeway when determining child support totals, it is critical that you have a knowledgeable lawyer by your side. The experienced family law team at The Davies Law Firm, LLC, can lead you through the process of determining the amount of child support that you will receive or pay as part of your divorce agreement. Our offices in Cocoa and Orlando will protect your interests and work to get you a favorable outcome. Call us now at 855-688-4713 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and get answers to your questions.

Changing Needs May Require Divorce Decree Modifications

Because financial situations may change significantly after a divorce agreement is final, the courts allow for modifications to original child support agreements (as well as other divorce issues such as child custody and spousal support). We can help you lower your child support obligations or obtain an order to increase the amount you receive if circumstances warrant it.

If you are wrestling with an ex-spouse who is not paying court-ordered support, our attorney can take the necessary steps to enforce that order. We will take legal action on your behalf to collect the full amount of support payments in arrears. We can also assist with spousal support payments or enforcement of court-ordered custody or shared parenting plans.

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