Comprehensive Family Law And Personal Injury Representation

Finding The Best Possible Outcome For Both Parties Involved

When legal issues involve your family or marriage, emotions can run high and disputes can cause deep psychological wounds. Through collaborative law and mediation, all parties involved in a family law dispute can get a more positive outcome. At The Davies Law Firm, LLC, we help parties in a family law case find common ground and create an agreement that leaves both parties satisfied.

Our offices in Cocoa and Orlando help family law and divorce clients across Central Florida with mediation and collaborative law. Our founding attorney, Kathleen Davies, has decades of trial and mediation experience that she uses to help family law and divorce clients find favorable agreements. You can schedule your first meeting now by calling us at 855-688-4713 and scheduling your free consultation.

Why Choose Collaborative Law?

Compared to litigation, collaborative law gives both parties in a dispute more control over the outcome of their case. For example, the outcome of divorce litigation is determined by a family law judge, who will decide based on case facts and the best interests of any children involved. This judge’s decision can leave both parties feeling dissatisfied and without their desired concessions. With collaborative law, you can negotiate to get your most desired accommodations and not leave the outcome up to a judge who may not be familiar with every detail of your unique situation.

In addition to more control, the collaborative approach is generally faster and less costly than divorce litigation. Traditional litigation can lead to drawn-out disputes and devolve into aggressive retaliatory acts. By working with us, you can avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation.

How We Help With Mediation

Attorney Kathleen Davies and our trusted staff use their decades of experience to help you with your dispute. We will help you navigate through the most important disagreements and positively guide the conversation. We use personalized collaboration strategies based on an in-depth analysis of case details to tailor the discussion to the unique needs of our clients. Our firm will also evaluate the divorce agreement and ensure that there will not be any delays when getting it approved by the courts.

Schedule Your Free, First Meeting

We offer free consultations to discuss our clients’ cases and determine if a collaborative approach is a good fit. You can call us now at 855-688-4713 or use the contact form to schedule your free consultation.