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Going through a divorce can be one of the most emotional and stressful times in a person’s life. Combine this stress with anger and uncertainty about the future, and you get a potentially volatile situation that could lead to lengthy and bitter litigation.

At The Davies Law Firm, LLC, our job is to remove the problematic emotions from the divorce decision-making process. We have a long history of success for family law clients and always act in the best interest of their children, putting aside negative or hurtful feelings they may have against their spouse. While we prefer to reach collaborative or mediated solutions when possible, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial if that would yield the best result. However, both parties typically benefit from non-litigated solutions. A collaborative approach is more cost-effective and takes the least amount of time. To schedule your free consultation with our staff at our Cocoa and Orlando offices, you can call 855-688-4713.

Handling Everything Related To A Central Florida Divorce

We have a long history of success for many types of divorce cases, ranging from straightforward, uncontested divorces to combative and complex divorce filings. Our firm can help you resolve disputes over the apportionment of considerable and complex assets such as the valuation of business interests and retirement funds. No matter what type of divorce case you face, we will zealously represent your interests and work toward the best possible outcome.

My firm can help you resolve a wide range of contentious issues, including:

Resolving Divorce Issues With Mediation

The longer a divorce plays out, the harder it is to resolve. Both parties will invest more time and money, and experience more stress from delaying the process. Through mediation or collaborative law, our clients can often settle their differences cooperatively.

Attorney Kathleen Davies is a proven advocate who uses innovative strategies to help clients achieve effective resolutions with collaboration. While she always looks out for what is best for our clients and their families, she works to make the process effective and efficient. Another benefit of resolving these issues amicably is the power that couples keep over these decisions, instead of having a judge decide for them.

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Please schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns with an experienced Florida divorce attorney. You can contact our firm now to schedule an initial consultation. Please call us at 855-688-4713. You can also send an email to schedule your free consultation.