Orlando High-Asset Divorce Attorney

When couples getting divorced have a high net worth, including multiple homes and numerous investments, it is wise to rely on an experienced high-asset divorce attorney to protect financial interests regarding division of assets and spousal support.

At The Davies Law Firm, LLC, in Orlando, Florida, we have extensive experience with complex financial issues in divorce cases.

In many high-asset divorce cases, one spouse earns significantly less than the other spouse. It is not uncommon for the high earner to attempt to hide assets or, if he or she owns a business, to disguise personal income or net worth.

We have established strong working relationships with forensic accountants, business valuation specialists and other financial professionals who can:

  • Accurately value your marital estate
  • Determine the tax implications of a potential property distribution agreement
  • Ensure that all income and assets have been properly reported
  • Testify, if necessary, on your behalf in family court

Orange County Divorce Business Valuation Lawyer

Attorney Kathleen S. Davies has extensive experience analyzing a number of aspects that are common in high-asset divorces, including prenuptial agreements, family-owned businesses and complex tax issues. If you brought substantial assets into the marriage, we will work to protect as much as possible under Florida laws regarding nonmarital property.

Couples who have high incomes often also have significant debt. If this is the case, it may be wise for you and your spouse to initiate bankruptcy proceedings before filing for divorce in order to wipe out significant liabilities. Ms. Davies is an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can review your current financial situation and help you make smart decisions in a timely manner.

Our Orlando high-asset divorce lawyer can answer your questions about investments, a family-owned business or any other financial matter during a free consultation. Call 407-540-1010 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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