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Establishing Parental Rights And Responsibilities In Florida

The concept of paternity allows the biological parents of a child to assert their rights and ensure that each parent lives up to their responsibilities. In most cases, establishing paternity can be an effective and affordable way to preserve parental rights. For legal help with paternity law issues in Florida, you need to first talk with an experienced family law lawyer.

At , we have helped parents and families deal with various family law and paternity-related issues throughout the state. We provide effective legal assistance and honest advice and guidance that will help mothers and fathers make responsible decisions in the future. If you want assistance or have questions about your parenting rights under the law, call us at 855-688-4713 to schedule an initial consultation.

Paternity Issues For Mothers And Fathers

For Mothers:

A woman who is not receiving child support from the child’s father may wish to file a petition with the court requesting child support from the child’s biological father. Unless the father’s paternity is established, however, it may not be possible to file for and receive such support. At my firm, I have worked with mothers to help them get much-needed child support for their children.

For Fathers:

There is hardly anything more important than your children. Ensuring that you have a say over how those children are raised is significant. By establishing paternity, you can uphold your rights as a father. By proving your fatherhood, you will have obligations as a parent. Still, you can also ensure that your parental rights will be upheld.

For both parties, paternity actions can be resolved through DNA testing. Once this test is completed, the results may be used to request a child support order, prevent an adoption or take other family law actions.

Responsible Family Law Attorney In Central Florida

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