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Merritt Island

At the Davies Law Firm, we are proud to provide top-notch legal services to the Merritt Island community. Our attorneys have specialized in handling divorce cases and personal injury claims for many years and wish to see their clients get the best results.

Our Focus Areas

Family Law Attorneys:

Family law is difficult and emotional. Divorce, child custody, alimony or adoption, father’s rights when it comes to family issues can be very complex and sensitive. We have customized solutions that will help protect your family’s interests.

Personal Injury Lawyers:

If someone else’s carelessness has caused you harm our personal injury lawyers will fight for your rights. These include car accidents, slip-fall incidences or professional negligence. Our objective is to ensure that you get compensated for all your injuries and other damages.

Why Choose Davies Law Firm?

Experienced Attorneys: Merritt Island is our home; it has the most experienced attorneys who have been in practice for many years, and we have proof of their triumphs.

Personalized Approach: The uniqueness of each case is easily realized by our firm. Our lawyers cooperate with you very closely so as to come up with unique action plans which are appropriate for you alone.

Client-Centered Focus: Clients are always put first at Davies Law Firm. We endeavor to give empathic, prompt and sensitive legal support.

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